Welcome to Avianco


Introducing Avianco's Cloud Based Comprehensive Service
Management Solution for Community and Virtual Organizations

  • Personnel Resource Scheduling for Home Care, Hospital Staffing, Assisted Living, Interpreting, Rehabilitation Services, and many more!
  • Scheduling for virtual workforces such as call centers, virtual relay organizations, and any type of virtual scheduling that requires intermittent, sporadic assignments.
  • Coordinating all aspects of non-traditional workforce management, from service ordering, to scheduling, to payment has until now been challenging and time consuming.
  • Avianco's solution centralizes and coordinates all activities needed to address the service ordering, scheduling, and payment processes.



Service Order Creation and Collaboration

Capturing service requests centrally or from the field so they can be filled quickly.

Service Order Fulfillment

Matching the best people with the right job at the right time in the right place and allowing great flexibility in making schedule adjustments.

Service Order Settlement

Allowing workers to enter time worked on projects directly into the system and tying that information back to the original service request, then following through resource payment and collection from client.

Avianco is the only highly flexible, comprehensive, and cloud based scalable software as a service system to solve and manage online diverse personnel resources.

Specifically, the solution offers and supports the following:

  • Handling all operational processes involved with managing the services, including: collaborative online scheduling, resource allocation, service fulfillment, and financial settlement (billing and payment processing). It is not a single-purpose solution.
  • Managing all the complexity associated with field services such as handling various service certification levels and corresponding pay scales and contractual billing rules.
  • Hosting that is 100% web-based and accessible via most browsers and mobile devices on 24/7 basis with all data in one centralized location. Data for each agency is secure and maintained separately.
  • Supporting multiple-organization, large volumes of data, and capabilities to handle multiple languages simultaneously.
  • Managing staff, freelance and contract employees in remote locations with sporadic field assignments.