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About Avianco

About Us

Avianco is a privately-owned software and services company specializing in Internet-based personnel resource scheduling solutions across multiple organizations, geographic locations and industries. Avianco and its related companies have offered software products, development expertise and professional IT services to a broad range of organizations.

Our Experience

Our experience comes from the enterprise software industry. Avianco has built its expertise over ten years through consulting, solution architecture development, and deployment of enterprise software systems to many different types of organizations. We bring rich experience with business process transformation solutions and expertise in supply chain management including consulting firms for clients across the US and abroad with additional enterprise solution experience.

Our Solution

We conducted numerous interviews with Fortune 500 companies, market analysts and investors to effectively craft a solution capable of meeting the needs in cross-enterprise business operations and management. Our solutions are designed to help organizations effectively and more efficiently manage their labor workforce. Our personnel resource scheduling solutions can be deployed to provide enterprise-class technology that streamlines business processes and reduces costs. As a leading provider of workforce management solutions, we are committed to working with our clients to deliver the most effective and cost competitive solution to meet their personnel management needs.

Our Customers

Organizations turn to Avianco for help managing every phase of the service relationship and service order management process beyond the traditional four walls of a company, including staffing, developing, deploying, tracking, rewarding the workforce, invoicing, payment and settlement. The end result is reduced costs, increased productivity, better decision-making, improved employee satisfaction, and alignment with organizational objectives.

Avianco's Mission

About Avianco

Avianco's mission is to provide products and professional services to help organizations better manage their service delivery workforce. Since our founding, Avianco has been guided by a core set of principles and values that have been critical to the success of our company, customers, partners and employees.

Avianco will:

  • Provide service organizations the ability to accurately schedule and coordinate resources so that they may provide enhanced services and solutions to their customers
  • Provide tools for all businesses, regardless of size, to effectively schedule personnel and manage the overall service order delivery chain
  • Deliver peace of mind to consumers, with the assurance that the value of their property and contents insurance is fully covered and that their vital insurance, legal and financial documents and information are up-to-date, safely stored and fully accessible
  • Deliver the highest quality products and services that solve real problems and meet or exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Provide a high level of customer service that responds quickly to their needs
  • Conduct business with the highest level of integrity and ethical principles
  • Provide a positive work environment and career growth opportunities for our employees

The Avianco Difference

About Avianco

The Avianco solution is the only comprehensive personnel management solution that delivers value across the extended service network, including scheduling, collaboration, fulfillment, settlement and visibility. Avianco provides more value through effective service management than any other company while positively impacting cash, revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction, and overall corporate performance.

Breadth & Depth

Avianco provides the broadest and deepest portfolio of solutions for service management, enabling clients to rely on a single partner for all critical scheduling needs. This comprehensive set of solutions delivers key functionality focused on scheduling, collaboration, fulfillment, and settlement. Avianco delivers best-in-class functionality to a global client base of market leaders across multiple industries.

Single Global Solution

Avianco provides the only truly global solution for service management process. While others claim to provide a global solution, only Avianco truly meets the unique challenges of a global service network. This includes unparalleled scalability as proven through head-to-head testing against competitive products, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, and the ability to manage multiple geographies with diverse business rules on a single-instance application.

Architecture for Innovation

The Avianco solution is built on a proven, highly scalable, flexible, open, Web-native technology architecture that provides visibility and connectivity for key stakeholders across the extended service network. The Avianco architecture integrates to, and extends the capabilities and ROI of, ERP, CRM, and legacy systems by providing a decision support architecture that leverages investment in existing systems. Most importantly, this superior technical architecture enables Avianco to rapidly deliver innovation and enable new business models for our clients.

Fastest Time-To-Value

Avianco delivers the industry’s fastest time-to-value for our clients, with average implementation times of 14-18 weeks, and average payback periods of less than six months. This fast time-to-value is enabled by our superior technical architecture, world-class integration and implementation capabilities, and the extreme ease-of-use and rapid user acceptance of our solution. In competitive replacements, Avianco can be implemented in less than half of the time required to implement competing solutions.

Lowest Risk

Our proven solution and implementation methodology deliver unsurpassed value for clients. We have been successful with each and every client, most of whom are market leaders in their respective industries, and our clients are 100% referenceable. This success begins with the unprecedented value we deliver, and ends with our unflagging commitment to exceed client expectations. Based on the confidence we have in our solution and capabilities, we are willing to share in the risks and rewards for any client who so desires.