Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Current Situation and Challenges

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries must mange to multiple deadlines and often coordinate many different types of resources to complete a single project. For example, on a construction project when building supplies or materials arrive you need resources ready to begin work. Managing to tight construction schedules allows you to place the right resource at the right time and the right place. Problems include:

  • Scheduling specialized laborers in tandem with material deliveries (e.g., masons, welders, framers, etc.) to minimize idle time
  • Changes or delays in construction schedules causes need to reallocate or reschedule resources to minimize cost impact to project
  • Ensure that staff with specific skill sets or certifications are on site during all working hours such as safety inspector
  • Aggressive deadlines and fluctuating demands from customers
  • Extreme reliance on overtime and contingent labor to meet objectives

Avianco Solution

Optimizing a large or small construction project means allocating the right personnel at the right phase in the project, consulting resources with the right skills to fit the needs or guidelines, The client’s deadlines and the programs make up the business side of the company’s strategic plans. Avianco's solution allows you to coordinate resource scheduling with project schedules and to make adjustments as needed for delays in projects. Having staff with the right skills, at the right place, at the right time, at the optimal pay rate for a given project makes all the difference and helps distinguish organizations as "world-class."