Assisted Living, Rehabilitation & Home Care

Current Situation and Challenges

Assisted Living, Rehabilitation & Home Care

There can be no doubt that, as the elderly population increases, there is a need to provide alternative models of housing and health care. The elderly have become a vocal group, defining their needs and demanding their rights. New models of care, such as assisted living, allow elders to age in place, and nurses are called upon to adapt to the challenges of practice. Organizations need to be responsive to the changing needs of the elderly population, to alter the directive focus of their current practice to a more assisted model. Service providers must determine what changes need to take place to promote aging with maximum independence. Problems include:

  • Organizations are relying more heavily on freelance and contract nurses and specialists to fill specialized or off-hours positions making scheduling more challenging
  • Associative living requires more remote and in-home services forcing geographic challenges to scheduling
  • Insurance providers and clients demand the lowest prices for an improved service, putting a squeeze on overall costs
  • Paper based job allocation leads to inferior service levels where managers are not able to control the productivity
  • Need to reconcile multiple parties in one system: administrators, resources, customers (payers), third party vendors and the clients themselves.

Avianco Solution

Optimizing workforce performance for assisted living means allocating administrative staff, nurses, vehicles, equipment and specialists with the right skills to fit the needs of guidelines, the client's needs and the programs that make up the business side of the department, the healthcare providers strategic plans. Knowing which people have the best skills and at the optimal pay rate for a given process makes all the difference and helps distinguish organizations as "world-class." Whether the organization is a large community provider or a specialist staffing agency offering a variety of healthcare services programs, Avianco's solution can help:

  • Reduce labor costs through a centralized time and attendance management function. Increase accuracy of payroll with automated tracking of hours and attendance and automation of 100% of pay rules.
  • Improve operational efficiency through Avianco's scheduling tools. Ensure that the right staff, with the right skills, are in the right place, at the right time.
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction through self-service access to frequent administrative processes, such as leave requests, shift trading, and schedule management.