Financial and Insurance Services

Current Situation and Challenges

Financial and Insurance Services

In times of convergence and stiff competition, retail financial services organizations need to find new ways to cut costs and drive profits. The challenges of managing a mixed exempt and non-exempt workforce, across multiple, broadly distributed locations - often with disparate legacy systems and processes - are immense, time-consuming and costly.

Avianco Solution

Avianco helps retail financial services organizations optimize their workforce management. As these organizations extend their service hours, often to 24x7, and reach by establishing scaled-down remote locations, centralized scheduling and remote access by resources and administrators takes on a new priority. Avianco’s solutions helps:

  • Reduce labor costs through a centralized time and attendance management function.
  • Increase accuracy of payroll with automated tracking of hours and attendance and automation of 100% of pay rules.
  • Improve operational efficiency through Avianco’s scheduling tools.
  • Ensure that the right staff, with the right skills, are in the right place, at the right time.
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction through self-service access to frequent administrative processes, such as leave requests, shift trading, and schedule management.