Medical and Healthcare

Current Situation and Challenges

Medical and Healthcare

Overcome the obstacles to delivering cost-effective quality care For every healthcare organization, the mission is to deliver the highest quality of patient care. But an enormous challenge stands in the way - balancing labor costs and employee satisfaction in today's increasingly competitive environment. The American Hospital Association tells us that nearly 60 percent of hospitals' operating costs go to wages and benefits for caregivers. Factor in the widespread nursing shortage and increasing reliance on agencies and overtime and it becomes easy to see why labor-cost issues are growing, with no end in site.

Home healthcare providers face many uncommon challenges in the area of labor management. These organizations demand significantly higher labor costs than other companies in its industry. However, these labor expenditures enable many of these providers to deliver superior services and stay ahead in a competitive industry. Assisted living communities typically provides a wide range of care to full-time residents in disparate geographic regions. Care levels range from minimal assistance to specialized care for residents requiring service from experienced, professional caregivers (e.g. nurses, house managers, and other staff). Organizations endeavor to administer high-quality care in a either at a residents site, or at unique facility structures. This model requires more management and labor to maintain than large institutional facilities, such as hospitals or traditional nursing homes. Many home healthcare providers have a need to replace its outdated workforce tracking methods with an automated solution that would enable better monitoring and analysis of labor costs.

Patient care, compliance, and employee satisfaction are a lot to manage. Health care organizations are looking to technology with a renewed focus, seeking opportunities to address ever-changing business needs, comply with government regulations such as HIPAA, control labor costs, overcome increased competition and operate successfully and profitably.

Avianco Solution

Optimizing a professional services workforce means allocating administrative staff, consulting and business resources with the right skills to fit the needs of guidelines, the client’s deadlines and the programs that make up the business side of the company’s strategic plans. Knowing which people have the best skills, and are well suited to deliver project deadlines, at the optimal pay rate for a given process makes all the difference and helps distinguish organizations as "world-class." Whether the organization is a large business management consulting organization or a small staffing agency offering a variety of business and technical services.

  • Reduce labor costs through a centralized time and attendance management function. Increase accuracy of payroll with automated tracking of hours and attendance and automation of 100% of pay rules.
  • Improve operational efficiency through Avianco’s scheduling tools. Ensure that the right staff, with the right skills, are in the right place, at the right time.
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction through self-service access to frequent administrative processes, such as leave requests, shift trading, and schedule management.