Avianco's Services

Avianco's Services

Avianco's solution put the processes critical to service management in the hands of the organization and its team leaders and administrators. Avianco’s scalability, both in terms of number of users and system capability, makes it the perfect solution for any size organization. Additionally, Avianco's flexibility allows it to meet the specific needs of many service-oriented industries.

Avianco's Professional Services

Avianco's Services

Avianco professional services bring together the right combination of people, experience and best practices to make your project a success.

You can trust that professional services from Avianco:

  • Focus on rapid success and accelerated rollouts
  • Are based on a true partnership with you
  • Drive user adoption and measurable ROI
  • People are important

The right people drive implementation success. Their dedication, focus and skills make all the difference. Therefore, Avianco recruits the best people for your projects. Our multi-disciplinary teams are measured on client satisfaction and meeting client-driven timelines.

Our implementation teams are:

  • Creative problem solvers
  • Experienced, skilled and focused
  • Functional, technical and project specialists
  • ROI and business impact consulting

In today's business climate, a software solution requires a strong business case to prove its value to the enterprise. In many cases Avianco customers turn to us to help them understand and quantify the impact of an enterprise workforce management deployment.

Avianco Professional Services will:

  • Identify the key cost and productivity drivers of workforce management relevant to your business
  • Recommend practical steps you can take to reduce operational and HR costs
  • Provide sophisticated and tailored ROI forecasting
  • Best practices deliver best results

We bring our years of industry specific experience and best practices to your project.

Avianco implementation teams have specific expertise in:

  • Enterprise-wide workforce management applications
  • Rapid results for employee and manager self-service
  • Tailored applications for self-service within any corporate portal or intranet framework

Our implementation methodology ensures:

  • Rapid roll-out and user adoption
  • High quality and cost-effective implementation
  • Accurate business transactions
  • Seamless integration with existing applications
  • Solutions guaranteed to meet business and functional needs
  • Organized approach to implementation
  • Accurate project estimates
  • Detailed knowledge transfer
  • End user training
  • Complete system documentation

Avianco's Training

Avianco's Services

Avianco provides hands-on, cost-effective training that ensures smooth implementations and rapid end-user adoption.

Avianco training means:

  • Rapid, more cost-effective implementations
  • Increased end-user satisfaction and adoption
  • Ongoing, optimal return on your software investment
  • Decreased support costs
  • Opportunities to knowledge-share within the Avianco community

Avianco instructors work closely with R&D and Professional Services, which means that curriculums are always up-to-date and relevant. Avianco will provide you with the insight and tools that you need to ensure project success.

Delivery Format:

  • Instructor-led - Avianco has experienced, industry-knowledgeable and professional instructors who deliver an extensive hands-on curriculum at state-of-the-art Avianco training facilities.
  • Onsite - Avianco provides flexible delivery options, including instructors who will travel to your location and teach a full curriculum.
  • Self-paced - Additional tutorial materials are available in advance to allow for reduced class duration, which minimizes time away from the office and accelerates the learning process while reducing cost through condensed class time.


Avianco offers a variety of e-learning options for end users and project teams, including a standard set of functional courses.

Training Materials

Avianco employs training materials designed to maximize understanding and step-by-step instruction and a course structure that promotes specialized, focused instruction. Avianco training solutions address all of the functional and technical requirements essential for implementations and continued success of the Avianco applications. Avianco courses allow students to learn the basics of Avianco application navigation, use, configuration, and maintenance processes.

Avianco Support

Avianco's Services

Avianco Support is a single point of contact for technical expertise and product resources. Your relationship with Avianco continues after the success of your initial Avianco implementation. Avianco dedicates significant resources to support our customers so that they can run their businesses, not their software.

Avianco Support makes it simple to find fast, actionable, and accurate solutions. We offer a range of support packages so that every customer receives the right level of support for their business and technology needs.

Avianco Support is committed to:

  • Being highly responsive and proactive
  • Giving timely and useful solutions
  • Providing news and updates as soon as possible
  • Resolving issues with customers
  • A Complete Range of Services

Avianco Support offers services such as:

  • 24x7, 365 day per year help-desk
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Product updates and releases
  • Infrastructure and network support
  • Online monitoring
  • FAQ and Knowledgebase access
  • Remote maintenance
  • Code migration and deployment
  • Onsite assistance
  • Regression database maintenance (for quality control)

An Experienced Team

Avianco Support is made up of cross-trained teams that deliver immediate expertise to address issues as they arise. Experienced support teams ensure that you get the answers you need from people who know your business and technology challenges.

All team members have deep product knowledge developed with extensive and regular training. Most team members have on-site customer experience. Team members will communicate with you every step of the way so you always know where you are in the resolution process.