Avianco's Technology Platform

Avianco's Technology

Avianco's Technology Platform

Avianco's solution put the processes critical to service management in the hands of many organizations. Avianco's continues to push the edge on new technology advances in order to present the best solution for our customers. Avianco's scalability, both in terms of number of users and system capability, makes it the perfect solution for any size organization. Additionally, Avianco's flexibility allows it to meet the specific needs of many service-oriented industries. Below are descriptions on how Avianco designs, delivers and updates our technology constantly.


Cloud Based SaaS Service Model

Avianco's Technology Platform

Avianco operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in a Cloud computing environment. Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability and is composed of five essential characteristics

On-demand self-service

A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capabilities, such as server time and network storage, as needed automatically without requiring human interaction with each service’s provider.

Broad network access

Capabilities are available over the network and accessed through standard mechanisms that promote use by heterogeneous thin or thick client platforms (e.g., mobile phones, laptops, and PDAs).

Resource pooling

The provider’s computing resources are pooled to serve multiple consumers using a multi-tenant model, with different physical and virtual resources dynamically assigned and reassigned according to consumer demand. There is a sense of location independence in that the customer generally has no control or knowledge over the exact location of the provided resources but may be able to specify location at a higher level of abstraction (e.g., country, state, or datacenter). Examples of resources include storage, processing, memory, network bandwidth, and virtual machines.

Rapid elasticity

Capabilities can be rapidly and elastically provisioned, in some cases automatically, to quickly scale out and rapidly released to quickly scale in. To the consumer, the capabilities available for provisioning often appear to be unlimited and can be purchased in any quantity at any time.

Measured Service

Cloud systems automatically control and optimize resource use by leveraging a metering capability at some level of abstraction appropriate to the type of service (e.g., storage, processing, bandwidth, and active user accounts). Resource usage can be monitored, controlled, and reported providing transparency for both the provider and consumer of the utilized service.

Mobile Accessibility

Avianco's Technology Platform

When companies made the switch from desktop to laptop computers, little to no change was made in terms of software development and technology. Previously, applications that were utilized on desktops could easily be shifted to laptop computers without regard to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. However, new and emerging workforce mobility has surpassed the days of dispatching and field updates, empowering every person in the field workforce to collaborate and take on more responsibility. With advanced connections and collaboration. The greater use of smartphones and tablets has ceased the existence of the desk job. Companies are encourage to embrace mobility as a means for boosting employee collaboration and productivity. With mobile, companies can keep workers connected to critical business information and ensure that decisions reflect the most up-to-date information and needs of the company.

Accessing information on smartphones and tablets allows for interaction with content, rather than simply looking at it, per the experience of traditional desktop and laptop computers.

The traditional model for enterprise software development was 90 percent functionality and 10 percent user experience. However, greater use of mobile devices, especially consumer smartphones that are all about the experience, has shifted the model. Employees now want 100 percent functionality and 100 percent user experience. ALL of his or her daily work - from the field. This shift should serve to excite companies rather than intimidate them. The dawn of enterprise mobility has made employees more productive and more easily accessible through the always-on, always-connected trend.

Even though advances in web technology has pushed changes in the desktop, the same can't be said of the current shift in cross-enterprise computing, as the advent of mobile devices for business use has driven a shift in the software development field. The emergence of mobile computing is pushing us into a new era of software. An era when total functionality is expected, but now in combination with an engaging user experience and anytime, anywhere access. Avianco's approach to cross-enterprise mobility brings a revolutionary technology and method for quickly deploying and adopting mobile solutions to any user -- returning value faster and enabling agility.

Avianco offers a ready to configure, deploy, and use solution for every workforce in the service sector, running on any mobile device. Whether supporting laptops, or venturing into the leading edge of smart phones and tablets, Avianco has built and designed its platform for immediate value of unparalleled scalability and longevity to support business requirements and technology of today and the future. The mobile service individual is fully enabled with a complete Avianco solution including the user’s application, connectivity to back office information systems, and any other business need from anywhere, anytime. The Avianco technology platform encompasses mobile technology – realizing the value of having its people “on location” without sacrificing their abilities to research, communicate, collaborate, and produce.

Rapid Development

Avianco's Technology Platform

Avianco is created on a patent pending code generation technology. The goal was to fulfill the need for a more process-oriented framework, which could make the applications less error-prone, decrease the learning curve for newcomers, adapt and proliferate to new emerging platforms, and allow the platform to conform to business users and rules. The actual work on this project started in early 2003 and has been heavily utilized by the general Avianco system as well as other cross web based applications. The goal of the Avianco Code Generator Engine is to make the development of enterprise-level applications easy for everyone, while keeping all parts open to further optimization for the high demands of advanced users. Since Avianco's inception in the code generator, the system has gone thru 26,000+ iterative changes, constantly evolving based on user needs and feedback.

Additional Web Services

Avianco's Technology Platform

Avianco continues to push its platform to make more use of new and existing web services. A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. Unlike traditional client/server models, such as a Web server/Web page system, Web services do not provide the user with a GUI. Web services instead share business logic, data and processes through a programmatic interface across a network. The applications interface, not the users. Used primarily as a means for businesses to communicate with each other and with clients, Web services allow organizations to communicate data without intimate knowledge of each other's IT systems behind the firewall. Avianco not only leverages web services to pull in information and perform tasks, but also makes internal information available for clients thru secure, encrypted channels.

Some of the web services that Avianco currently has and/or is working on include: Web payment services, ecommerce/B2B integration with vendors and client systems, Fraud detection, service claims processing, allowing client corporate portals to access and retrieve information directly from Avianco's databases, service tracking inquiry, Workflow management solution, address verification, etc.

Rapid Technology Adoption

Avianco's Technology Platform

Avianco is built to embrace new emerging technologies, with constant evolution and complete so system revisions nearly every two years. The overall technology is built to support a new business models that occur every day. Many of the advances are constantly being implemented in the platform, including: cloud computing, real-time content, and advancements in browser speed capabilities, more mobile device proliferation, etc. Avianco's robust infrastructure-from cloud based computing to advanced decision making can now be leveraged with just a few clicks of the mouse. Instant information, characterized by messages and backed up by GPS sent from anywhere at any time, are part of the norm.

We are constantly shuffling the technology to embrace new standards such as HTML 5.0. HTML 5 aims to address the needs of the modern Web, with extensive support for programmatic interaction between content and the local computer. Among other novelties, HTML includes programmatic interfaces (APIs) to draw arbitrary graphics in the new canvas, find your position on the globe, cache code and data, and offload compute-intensive tasks to keep the interactive portion of the browser responsive. With advancements in HTML 5.0 and our system architecture, we have positioned the technology far from traditional desktop client server systems, as well as made obsolescent the most common uses of Adobe® Flash® and Microsoft® Silverlight™, too, freeing developers and consumers from those proprietary solutions. We expect Avianco to take advantage of advancements in the specification as it becomes widely implemented, and stable. Even now, HTML 5 is surprisingly well supported in mobile browsers, including the Apple iPhone and Android. Indeed, mobile is the most likely target for innovative HTML 5 applications.

For data storage, Avianco continues to scale in the cloud, pushing the edge beyond traditional RDMS into new forms of storage. Items such as documents, files, images and videos are securely being stored and accessed to the right users. These advances help empower more collaboration and simplify analysis, too.

For advanced services we are pushing hard on infrastructure to support micropayments and digital wallets. Many of the developments are intended to allow service providers to accept and remit payments in the field.

Finally, mobile devices like smartphones are becoming an emerging personal communication and computing technology used by hundreds of millions of users world-wide. The wide ranges of new online services for smartphone utilizing both cellular phone and global positioning system (GPS) data have revolutionized not only the way people communicate and interact, but also how individuals receive and disseminate temporal and spatial information. Avianco's goal is to continue to push information out to individuals in the field with these devices and to leverage many of the advances in applications and features these devices present.

User Interface Design

Avianco's Technology Platform

Avianco applies a business-centered approach to user-centered design, evaluation and testing by focusing on user experiences that have usability and collaborative impact. Avianco user interface design follows low contrast, ease of use, ergonomic standards. Our dedicated staff has experience in a variety of domains and contexts, including: Medical/Healthcare, Aerospace, Web, Desktop Software, Business and Enterprise Applications, IT/Security, Computer Input Devices, Gaming, Networks, Mobile Devices, and more. One of the mantra's we follow with regards to design goes along the lines of Guy Kawasaki's DICEE acronym -- it stands for Deep, Indulgent, Complete, Elegant, Emotive -- and found it surprisingly hard to find online. So, to help with that problem, here's a brief take on what Mr. Kawasaki's DICEE acronym means, along with a link to his website.

  • Deep -- it doesn't run out of features right away.

  • Indulgent -- a great product is a luxury, it makes you feel special when you guy it.

  • Complete -- the support system around the product is as good as the product.

  • Elegant -- the product has an elegant feel to it.

  • Emotive -- a great product compels you to tell other people about it.