Avianco's Value Proposition

Avianco's Value Proposition

Avianco's Value Proposition

After a thorough evaluations, customers chose the Avianco web-based service management solution because of Avianco's demonstrated ability to help organizations manage the overall service order delivery chain. With Avianco, customers are able to increase productivity across their service operations efficiently.


Avianco stood out from other available solutions because

Avianco's Value Proposition
  • Avianco is able to handle all operational processes involved with managing field services: online scheduling, resource allocation, billing, payment processing, etc. Other solutions evaluated by our customers could handle only one part of the service management chain.
  • Avianco is able to manage all the complexity associated with field services, including the complicated service certification levels and pay scales.
  • Avianco is built on a robust, scalable architecture that can support multiple sites, large volumes of data, and capabilities to handle multiple languages simultaneously.
  • Unlike other solutions that are geared toward employees in a retail or sales environment, Avianco is designed to manage contract employees in remote locations with sporadic field assignments.
  • Avianco showed a commitment to work closely with customers to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solution that met its needs.

Avianco’s Personnel Resource Scheduling solution handles the complete service order management process. It is optimally designed for non-traditional service organizations where personnel resources are not directly employed by the service provider. Avianco can coordinate various contract personnel in remote locations, match resources with the job requirements, resolve conflicts, collect billing information, and track a service order until payment completion.

Software as a Service (Saas)

Avianco's Value Proposition

The Avianco Solution is offered its software as a service (SAAS). Variously termed "on-demand software", the "ASP" model, or "hosted software", SAAS is where customers rent web-based software hosted at the provider's site. For many companies large and small, SAAS is the best way to rollout new technology. SAAS has now proven itself and is here to stay. The staying power of SAAS has arisen for several reasons:

  1. Low cost of entry.

    Instead of paying lots of money to roll out a complex solution across the entire company, customers can just roll out one test department. Consequences of failure are very low. A pilot installation doesn’t have to involve their busy IT staff.

  2. Onus is on the vendor.

    If the vendor's software is broken, they won't be getting money from any customer for long. The company is motivated to fix the problem.

  3. The vendor works for the buyer.

    Customers don't have to rely on their IT department to install an application. Everything is running securely at the vendor's location.

  4. Less risky investment.

    Instead of spending $100,000 all at once, for example, customers pay for the software monthly - the monetary risk is lower and less scary.

  5. Vendors must provide a secure data environment or they're out of a job.

    Most vendors understand that data must be backed up religiously, and security is the top priority.

    Customer's IT departments are typically pulled in many directions and can't be as focused on one solution. Customers can rest assured their data security is probably better with a hosted solution, not worse.

Chart Comparison of SaaS (Software as a Service)
Packaged Enterprise Software

Software as a Service Packaged Software
Service-based Product-based
Rapidly deployed Lengthy delivery, set-up, installation, and testing
Multi-tenant architecture capable of supporting thousands of concurrent customers on a single instance Closed architecture with boundaries that are tied to your hardware
Delivery over a standard Internet browser Physically installed on your servers behind the firewall
Remotely delivered, managed, and updated Managed and updated by your staff
No investment required in hardware, additional software, implementation, or added IT staff Requires investment in hardware, additional software, and IT management expertise
Pay as you go Large upfront investment
Frequent upgrades, more up to date solution Less frequent upgrades that are also more challenging

Why there a Need for the Avianco Solution

Avianco's Value Proposition

Virtually every company, regardless of size, has struggled with issues related to service scheduling. As companies rely more heavily on non-traditional workers, from consultants, telecommuters, contractors, and offshore staff, their requirements for a comprehensive solution become critical. Avianco’s solution is designed to help organizations effectively and more efficiently manage their labor workforce, no matter how diverse, reducing costs. Coordinating all aspects of non-traditional workforce management, from service ordering, to scheduling, to payment has until now been challenging and time consuming. Avianco’s solution centralizes and coordinates all activities needed to address the service ordering, scheduling, and payment processes:

Service Order Creation and Collaboration - Capturing service requests centrally or from the field so they can be filled quickly.

Service Order Fulfillment - Matching the best people with the right job at the right time in the right place and allowing great flexibility in making schedule adjustments.

Service Order Settlement - Allowing workers to enter time worked on projects directly into the system and tying that information back to the original service request, then following through resource payment and collection from client.

Maintaining routine communications and coordinating with remote and non-traditional staff posed challenges between geographic locations and time zones, as well as shifts and off-hours. Avianco’s solution is built using a web-based interface to allow your workforce and managers to access the system remotely and view their schedule or modify their personal information, schedule preferences, time off requests, shift trade requests, and enter timesheets.

Many companies faced challenges in maintaining centralized workforce control and reporting, while empowering branch and remote offices to manage their own workforces. Using Avianco’s powerful concept of sub-organizations, companies can now enable branches to manage their own workforces in the system independent of other branches, but still allowing the central office to maintain overall control and rollup reporting across branches to get the full workforce picture.

Why the Avianco Solution

Avianco's Value Proposition

Avianco's Personnel Resource Scheduling solution handles the complete service order management process. The solution is intended for non-traditional service based organizations which need to orchestrate many resources across diverse areas, customer requirements, and consumer needs.

Similar to new workforce management solutions, Avianco improves operational efficiencies and simplify the management and deployment of associates. The Avianco web-based service management solution automates all aspects of personnel scheduling, time recording, billing and invoicing across various industries.

Our system lets service operators set up personnel, customer accounts, schedules, job orders, and billing all from one access point on the internet. Where the application diverges from other workforce management solutions, is that its intent is not to handle the scheduling of employees within a retail or similar business like environment, but instead assists administrators schedule personnel for one time or periodic service visits for consumers out in the field.

Because of its unique architecture, Avianco’s solution is highly scalable and accessible to handle small to medium size corporations. The application is designed to be used primarily by professionals in all industries, but predominantly effective, where personnel are not directly employed by the service provider, but may be under contract to provide services. Furthermore, the application addresses the need of coordinating various service personnel in remote locations, providing a a means of best matching resources with job order requirements, resolving conflicts, collecting billing information, and finishing off a service until payment completion.

Avianco Benefits

Avianco's Value Proposition

Human Resources Benefits - Avianco’s solution allows human resources professionals to reduce the time spent managing their diverse workforce’s schedules and maximize resource usage. Avianco simplifies placing the right people with the right skills to do the right job at the right time at the lowest cost. Schedule, track, and assess employee performance within a single tool for maximum flexibility at minimum cost. Despite the widespread use of HRMS applications, HR and Payroll professionals continue to spend growing amounts of time on activities such as completing and approving time sheets and creating and maintaining employee schedules. Avianco solutions simplify this process and reduce expensive employee turnover by providing self-service access to frequent administrative processes, such as leave requests, shift trading, and schedule management. Increasing worker productivity and satisfaction directly reduces turnover, allowing enterprises to maximize the lifetime value of each and every employee.

Finance & Operations Benefits - Finance and Operations face constant challenges in meeting bottom line goals. By providing a single system for tracking, managing and handle personnel-related processes and procedures, Avianco allows organizations to drive down labor, technology and administrative costs, while maximizing efficiency and productivity across the organization. Furthermore, Avianco reduces labor costs through a centralized scheduling, collaboration, time and attendance management function. With built in Invoice and payables, tracking Avianco increases the accuracy of payroll with automated tracking of hours and attendance as well as customer billing.

Technology Benefits - Avianco’s solution minimize infrastructure costs by leveraging existing investments in technology. Built for the web, the solution is accessible from anywhere, and scales to handle any size organization. Avianco’s solution also helps make sure financial goals are met by eliminating the cost of printing, distributing and collecting paper forms and by reducing error-prone manual calculations for compensation and human resources transactions. Avianco simplifies information systems management by consolidating multiple systems into one application and database and centralizing remote systems into a central location. Using Avianco, IT staff support only one integrated web-based application to manage employees' time, schedule, and performance. The pure Internet-based architecture reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining remote systems and the solutions small footprint delivers powerful workforce management applications to remote locations easily even over bandwidth-constrained networks. The Avianco platform is built to scale for the requirements of the largest global organizations. Rapid response times, integrated security, unified login, and the ability to handle significant loads make Avianco a true enterprise solution.

Executive and Organization Benefits - Executives can deploy and manage their service offerings for maximum profitability. Avianco solutions ensure that organizations are using their employee resources to their maximum benefit. Avianco solutions ensure that the right people with the right skills do the right job at the right time at the lowest cost. Integrated scheduling, tracking and assessment tools provide a single tool for managing employee deployment in large, distributed organizations. Sophisticated self-service tools reduce administrative costs and burdens for line staff, managers and human resources staff through end-to-end automation of business processes. Avianco’s automation of costly and time consuming workforce management tasks – such as time and attendance tracking, payroll calculation, schedule generation, and employee performance management – will free up staff to focus on more valuable revenue-generating activities. In the end, Avianco’s solution provides executive dashboards and extensive reporting tools to provide both historical analysis and real-time alerts and notifications. Reconciliation of productivity against forecasts and schedules helps refine assumptions used for planning. Tracking of complex regulatory or legal requirements helps ensure compliance and reduces the risk of grievances or fines.